Meet the Amazing Woman Bringing Dreadlocks to the Miss World Pageant for the First Time

Mic achieves us word Sanneta Myrie, the 24-year-old specialist and reigning Miss Jamaica who is set to contend in the Miss World exhibition today in Sanya, China. To get a full feeling of how amazing this lady is, please perused her profile on the Miss World site:

Sanneta experienced childhood in the country areas of her country, Jamaica. Presently a completely qualified restorative specialist, she is focused on helping other people, and is energetic about the work she does, with goals of joining “Specialists without Borders’, an association giving medicinal care to the most underestimated around the world. Beside her obligations, Sanneta cherishes the Jamaican way of life, grasping all features of its way of life, from the notorious reggae music, to the new fish cooking found in wealth. In her extra time she appreciates long separation and crosscountry running, she cherishes to move, and she volunteers as a guide for the University of the West Indies.

Once more: This woman is just 24 years of age. This month, my real achievement was completing Jessica Jones in two sittings. I have to step it up!

Yet, hold up! There’s additional! Among Sanneta’s achievements that ought to be recorded yet isn’t: She will be the principal lady to ever have dreadlocks in the Miss World rivalry. As Mic keenly calls attention to:

Myrie’s choice to wear her hair in locs is an important advance toward exhibiting a more various wonder tasteful in the media scene, which is gradually observing more portrayal of dark ladies with characteristic hair. At the current year’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, Angolan model Maria Borges strolled the runway with her characteristic, edited hair, denoting a pleased takeoff from the underwear display standard (all… those…. victories).

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