5 Gorgeous Ways to Wear Bows in Your Hair

On the off chance that the possibility of tying a bow in your hair helps you to remember third grade, I can guarantee you these styles are definitely not adolescent. They just take two seconds to investigate the following level. Here are five approaches to wear a bow in your hair as a developed ass lady.

1. Tied around your neck, with your hair in a non-horse pig tail. Partner’s look is executioner for a couple of reasons: (1) the tie around her neck keeps her hair down and furthermore fills in as a choker, (2) it just requires a strip, and (3) it’s past chic.2. Situated around your real pig tail. In the event that your go-to hairdo is a horse like Heeseung’s, at that point pop a strip around your barrette (keeping the tails of the bow yearn for emotional impact) and turn in until tomorrow. Blast: You’re out the entryway in an a blaze and look flawless.3. Wrapped around the topknot in your half-up, half-down hairdo. In the event that half-up, half-down hair is your stick, at that point include a bit of something around your topknot like Taylor did. Simply keep the tails of the bow short so the style doesn’t look too little kiddish.4. Tied at the base of a mesh. In the event that interlaces — three-strand, fishtail, French, whatever! — are your thing, tie a lace toward its finish, similar to Dana did here, for a little merry energy (instead of simply utilizing a flexible band to keep it from unraveling).5. Around your bun. Force your hair up in a bun, keep it set up with bobby pins, and after that wrap a lace of your decision around its edge, as I did, binds it off to the side.

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